Lawsuit Reform Policy Categories

Frivolous litigation is a byproduct of state laws that incentivize costly and low-merit litigation. When the numerous relevant areas of the law are reined in, so are outrageous lawsuits. Learn about some of the top lawsuit fairness indicators below.
  • What is Tort Reform?

    Simply put, it is legislative policy that reins in excessive lawsuits.

    A combination of reforms tailored to the specific needs of each state is the most impactful.

  • Why Is Lawsuit Reform Important?

    Excessive litigation sucks resources out of the business economy, away from research & development and job creation.

    Tort reform refocuses litigation on reimbursing victims injured by another’s actions rather than the extra-legislative regulation of law-abiding businesses.

    States with predictable legal systems that promote fair business practices and don’t over-punish attract business development and encourage job creation.

Lawsuit Reform for Competitive State Economies: A Guide for State Legislators

Read the premier ALEC publication on state lawsuit reforms to better understand what states can do to rein in frivolous litigation.

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