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Product Liability Lawsuits

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Lawsuits stemming from harms caused by products are the most expensive lawsuits in state civil justice systems. When so much is at stake, it is ever more important for justice to be accurate and efficient. Holding product manufacturers responsible for unreasonably dangerous products is key to protecting the consumer, but when liability is applied erroneously, prices needlessly rise and valuable products may be removed from the market.

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  • Product Liability Act

    Encourages safety and innovation in the development of products by ensuring that only those meaningfully involved in developing a product are held liable for defects and clarifying evidence standards and causes of action for product liability claims.
  • Regulatory Compliance Congruity with Liability Act

    Offers 3 options to provide some commonsense relief from liability for products in compliance with regulations.
  • Rational Use of a Product Act

    Protects responsible businesses from lawsuits for injuries due to the unreasonable misuse of their product.
  • Ten-Year Statute of Repose Act

    Provides that an injury occurring ten years after a product is sold is presumed to not result from a defect in the product, with certain exceptions.

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